parents forcing me to get married because i got pregnant

@kL1121 (60)
January 24, 2007 1:11am CST
i'm only 19 years old. my boyfriend and i knew i was pregnant bacause i was delayed and i took 3 pregnancy tests. but we didn't do anything. i was scared and so he was. we didn't mind anything at all until i became so weak and fainted almost everyday. so we went to a gynecologist and found out that i was already 5 months pregnant. i felt hilarious about it and i went home crying. i tried to keep it from my parents until 7 months. when they found out, they got mad and they cried and i felt so sorry for what i have done. then they forced me to marry my boyfriend as soon as possible because it's a disgrace to our family. at first it was okay with me thinking that would be the best thing i could do. we even had our pre-marriage counseling and my mom also brought me to a designer for a gown. when we got our license, i began to think twice. i'm not sure about this. i mean, hey! i'm only 19. i'm definetley not ready for this. i talked to my boyfriend and he agreed with me and i told my mom on what we have decided. sooner, she agreed with us and understood why i refused to have an early marriage. good thing because now, i'm having problems with my boyfriend's immaturity and i'm having dilemma if i still love him or not. i just realized that he's not good enough for me and my daughter. but i'm still hoping for some changes.
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