do you like teenagers??

October 7, 2006 11:33am CST
do you like teenagers??
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• Australia
29 Sep 07
It depends on the teen. I know 2 teen girls who think of me as a second mum to them - they love talking to me as I understand them & they are great girls. My eldest daughter recently became a teen & I know her friends - they are lovely girls. But I have found many teens who are quite rude. I catch buses a lot & have found teens from a local high school who catch the bus quite rude. My neighbour has found the same thing - she's gotten on the bus with her baby to find all seats taken by these teens yet none of them move for her! It's my experience that teens who have left school seem more polite. Maybe it's a show for their friends when they are rude, I don't know. Anyway, as for whether or not I do like teens, well, as I said, it depends who they are. But that goes for any age group - if someone is not a nice person than I will not like them, whether they are a teen, an adult, or whatever.
@vijeshvk (417)
• India
8 Oct 06
yes...why not..
@mercy18 (168)
• Mauritius
7 Oct 06
Since i was once a teenager, I cant bypass them! When I see them, I recall my passed moments. And remember these days, although they are not that far :-) lol
@fizza10 (1718)
• Pakistan
7 Oct 06
why are they supposed to be aliens or what?....
@abrcet (563)
• India
7 Oct 06
yaa i do like ....