Money, money, money...How important is it?, all opinions are welcome!

January 24, 2007 1:17am CST
Hello friends! I was wondering what you people think about the importance of money in one's life. what all things can be sacrificed to earn more money? is it really worth it at the end of the day? will you regret working for money for so long and forgetting the pleasures of life when you are on your deathbed?
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@chryss (658)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
money is the most important thing that we need in life.without money do you think we live so long here?through money we can buy what are the things we like,the needs,for necessities etc.through money we can pay all debts.even we work hard in office we only think is to earn and earn.we dont mind for the hang outs.
@wasim989 (2302)
• India
24 Jan 07
Even though money is not the only thing in life yet it is one of the very very very important part of the life because if you don't have money then you will be lok down upon by other people and people will respect you less but the same situation changes if you have money.
@mgmagana (3621)
• United States
24 Jan 07
well money is very important, but not as important as family. my husband and i both used to work and we made about 2000 dollars ea. month extra after our bills were paid, but after having my third child, i realized i wanted to raise them instead of someone else! now, we're left with about 800 extra ea. month, which isn't much especially when u get those surprise bills! but once my last starts school, i will get a pt. job again! i'll sacrifice the good life for my children cause they provide me with the perfect life! i know that i once i can work again i can get my children everything they want!