Are you feel security in you Job ?

January 24, 2007 1:20am CST
I am an employee. working in a multinational company.Near about I have 75 colleagues. 50 male and 25 female. Most of the male workers facing problems of time. They can not reach on time. But same time the famle workers also geting late in office, but they never mind on it. They facing another problem of Sexul abuses.Most of the supriors forcing them to obey their Bosses. One of my colleagus had admitted in hospital for mental tensions.How can we help this poor peoples. And what I want to do to end this ?
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• India
30 Jan 07
no one is secured in the world with a job . a job means (JUST OBEY BOSS ). job never gives you the freedom to be rich and free, because in job some one else decides when you need to wakeup , when you need to sleep , when you have to spend time with your family etc etc , so no one can say their life secured with a job