how can you tell if a person is lying?

@fake_you (391)
January 24, 2007 1:26am CST
many of us pretends that we don't lie. even if we try not to, we can't really escape lying. now, how can you tell if the person you're talking to is lying or not? i had a friend before, and we've been friends for a long time. but i found out that there are lots of things i don't know about her. there was also this time when she told me that she'd help me with my boyfriend, but in the end she took my boyfriend away from me. there are many instances when she lied to me, and now i think i can't trust people anymore. please help me..
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@denden (803)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
all of us has a lie in our life. you can see if a person is lying by looking directly to his/her eyes directly because eyes is the window of our soul.think positive
@kristia (138)
• Philippines
24 Jan 07
you can easily identify if a person is lying.... 1st, he becomes uncomfortable and looks disoriented, 2nd, he sweats like a pig, 3rd he will stamme in his words, 4th he will try to make lame excuses just to leve the situation, and lastly, he can not lok at you straight in your eyes.