how i had my labor

@kL1121 (60)
January 24, 2007 1:51am CST
a week before my due date, i was experiencing a different kind of pain. i though it was already the much said contractions so read the book "what to expect when you're expecting" and i found out that the pain is not what they had described. so i said to myself maybe im just stressed of the up comming delivery. i had that pain for about 3 days. then one day, i cleaned my room and prepare my things for the hospital. my sister said that i was already nesting.(a term they got from birds who's preparing theirselves for the arrival of their little ones). then suddenly i couldn't take the pain no more and rushed to the bathroom and sa blood on my undies. i was terrified and ran to my mother's room for help. the next day, i was brought to the hospital by 2pm and rushed me to the labor room. i was so excited and i couldn't explain the feeling. i made friends with my fellow expectant mother their and had some small chit chat while waiting for our babies to arrive. i felt more excited because during my IE(internal exam)was progressive. when i arrived, i was already 4cm. then 6cm, then 7cm. until it stopped. it couldn't get any bigger. and since my doctor already ruptured my bag of water, she only had given me an hour to decide for an operation. if not, infections may occur. around 10pm there was still no progress at all, then finally i was brought to the operating room. they gave me epidural and there i didn't know what happened next. all i could remember is when they transferred me to my room (i didn't know that the baby has arrived already.) luckily i had a fast recovery. you, what's your story?
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14 Feb 07
dang yours sounds long! Mine was I was nesting over the weekend, on tuesday I was checked (this was awhile ago lol) and the ob said "it'll be a few weeks", I was exactly 40 weeks that day :( I went home and lost my mucous plug and had my first contraction that afternoon. At 7pm they were 5 minutes apart so I went to the hospital, epidural went in at midnight, at 2:48 I pushed a few times, at 2:49 am he was born! They had to run and get the ob, they were shocked on how quick that went.