Trouble Pottytraining!

United States
January 24, 2007 3:54am CST
Hey moms and dads! My daughter is 2 1/2 is having trouble potty training. She does go a couple times a day, but she doesn't always tell me when she has to go. She can't pull down her pants by her self, and i'm constantly asking her if she has to go, is that right? HELP!
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@happymommy3 (2013)
• United States
24 Jan 07
I felt the same way you did, and did the same thing! I have 3 kids, two girls and a boy. My oldest took only a couple days believe it or not! She poopooed on herself the first time and didn't tell me and hated it so much that she never did it again! My other daughter took about 2 weeks. My youngest my boy was a little different. He had so many accidents I gave up like 3 times than. Each time I would quit for awhile than try it again untill finally I just kept letting him have his accidents and he finally got tired of it he started to tell me he needed to go in the potty! So I think what you are doing is good, keep asking her. She will have her accidents, it's inevitable, but keep her in the daily of routine of not putting a diaper on and she will get it! Good luck and don't give up! Your patience will pay off in the end!
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26 Jan 07
Thank you for youre response!