Think of What Will Happen When We Die?

January 24, 2007 3:57am CST
Think really seriously,many will think of this if you really are concerned of your life. This is about death.Now think of what will happen when you die,some may think that we will go to heaven but think of this way,it's my own thoery of death: we will be reincarnated not go to heaven.why? Because if each soul is considered as one and in each year 1,000 of people die heaven would be crowded and it must be hard to find our loveones or maybe heaven is big, but we still be reincarnated because think of it this way: we will be transported to another body and we still be able to apprecaite life but in exchange of that our memories when we are still alive will be lost. But don't thonk this too seriously maybe it will give you nightmares.
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