redrafting the constitution of india - tn ruling party's move

redrafting the constitution of india - does it make sense?
January 24, 2007 4:01am CST
hey guys what do u think bout tn ruling party's move asking the central government to redraft the constitution of india?i don support it? does it amke any sense? is the bureaucracy out of its senses?
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4 Mar 07
The Reservation system in India, which was suggested by Mr. Ambedkar, should be reviewed. Instead of reservation system based on caste of birth, it should be change to Income crieteria now. There can be poor family in the caste of Patel, Jain, Brahmin or Muslim too. And those families who have been above poverty line within SC ST castle must be deprived from benefits. Determining income of each family is not so difficult. Govt of India has already issued seperate ration cards to Below poverty line families. That can be reviewed once again. The name of India can be changed as Hindustan if the majority wishes so.
@mansha (6301)
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24 Jan 07
I think yes its much need not the complete rdrafting but many things need to be amended.Unless some effective changes are made in our political system, the danger of unstable and frequently changing governments and policies cannot be avoided.During the last ten years, there had been seven governments at the centre. These minority governments have been unable to provide a stable government and stable policies. Barring the Narasimha Rao government, which had a precarious existence for a full term of five years, others were in office for a few months each.Governments depending on the whims and fancies of small parties supporting from inside or outside were all the time striving to survive in office and had no time to serve the people or the nation. Recently the situation had deteriorated so much that the smaller parties had begun to blackmail the leadership with threats of disruption of the government. No progress economic, social, cultural or other can be achieved unless there is internal stability and continuity of policies. Nor can incentives for production and exports and tax concessions for industry and trade enthuse investment unless there is a stable government pursuing sound economic policies.several weaknesses and flaws in the functioning of our democracy surfaced throughout the country, casting considerable doubt over the stability and strength of the State and Central Governments.Government were engaged more in their survival rather than in service of the people. United States have had strong two parties so that one or the other party represents the majority of the nation in a general election. On the other hand, parties in India split overnight and the number of parties goes on increasing instead of reducing.if the present Constitution is to function satisfactorily two reforms 1)change in the electoral system and 2)derecognition of more than two political parties are indispensable.minimum changes in the constitution except in chapters relating to executive and the legislature are now much needed. All other parts of the constitution particularly Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy, Election machinery and the Judiciary etc. should remain as they are.