January 24, 2007 4:31am CST
Have you ever been burnt out? Like you just don't feel like doing work, feel like you don't even want to live your life? It's a terrible thing to feel. They say it happens when your ideals don't meet up with reality. Isn't it sad? I admit. I am burning out with my present job. I recently got promoted and it's the second promotion I got in less than a year. And feeling this way was the last thing that I expected to happen. I'm planning to take a short break. Reaffirm myself on what I want and what my priorities are. I feel guilty feeling this way too. But, I am just human.
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• Philippines
24 Jan 07
it is just normal for human being to feel burnout with the things they do specially if you do it in routine. i think you just have to have a break.relax.do something that will make you realize if the job really fits for you. you have to find out what are the things that will make you enjoy to continue your job. you should love your work and figure out what will interest you most from your work.