How do you deal with mean people?

mean people  - Mean people are people who do not have something to do with their boring life.
January 24, 2007 7:20am CST
How do you handle that situation? I mean, when backstabs you or say something mean in front of you? Me, I just smile or worse laugh at them. Sometimes I ignore them, because they don't desrve my precious time. lol. You? How do you deal with them?
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@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
24 Jan 07
usually, i make my patience work on them and try to ignore what they're doing to me. most people who are mean to me maybe are just envious or jealous of my happiness. but there are times when my patience really gets it's end. when it happens, i go to them and talk to them and tell them how much i hate what they are doing to me.
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• Philippines
25 Jan 07
Really? You can do that? Me, I'm too coward to tell them how much I hate them, I'd rather ignore them than do that. lol
• Canada
3 Feb 07
Well, how I used to deal with mean people is make fun of them to they're faces. There was one time, I had an altercation with someone I didn't like to much and what they did was that they created this game. but what thy didn't know is that I knew about there plan to humiliate me in the worst way, so I decided to play dumb and beat them at their own game. (if you'd like to read more about his please go to you can comment there if you'd like). That's the last thing I did to get back at somebody(ies)for wanting to play mind games with me.
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
3 Feb 07
It all depends upon my mood on that specific day. I know that sometimes when someone ends up saying something I will either confront them or speak up. I think most people just expect sometimes a person just to take it & not say a word. But every time I end up speaking up to someone they usually end up going in to shock or just begin to just shut there mouth in general. I think sometimes large groups of young people will try to make themselves look "cool" by picking on someone or being mean. But in reality all they are doing is making people not want to associate with them at all. They are the one's losing out in the end by doing things such as this. I as well sometimes will not stoop to there level. And will just instead look them in the face laugh or smirk at them & just walk away. Sometimes a person just needs to know when to not waste there energy, nor there time on people who are just wanting to hurt or be cruel to others. Sometimes they are wanting to get a rise out of you so it's best just to hold your head up high & just walk away. Sometimes you need to be the better person when situations such as these arise from time to time. Life is way to short to be concentrating on people who are just trying to bring you down in life. I think people who try to bring other's down are the one's who are insecure the most. And it truly does show when someone has to stoop to criticizing someone's character, as well as there appearance. I know that I personally do not like being treated like a door mat. And don't allow people in this day & age to walk all over me. Because to many people in this world will try to do that these days sadly enough. I think another smart thing that one can do during times such as this is.. Just to remove themselves from the situation or there presence &.. To just walk away or even limit the amount of time you spend with them in general.. At least these are some other things I do when situations like these come up out of no where.. In conclusion.. I think sometimes a person needs to know when to walk away & when to say something.. Sometimes you just need to be the better person & just walk away from the situation instead of trying to make it much worse.. I think sometimes as well all you can do in life is kill these people with kindness.. Or just walk away with your head held high.. Because no matter where you go there is always going to be cruel people out there in this world.. But if you don't allow them to get to you.. It show's who the better person is in the long run.. And sometimes people who are mean to others eventually get the same treatment in return down the road from someone or somewhere else. Karma is silent & you never know when it's going to hit. Thanks for allowing me to share! xx