weired situation

January 24, 2007 8:06am CST
weired situation hi there i'm going 2 state a very strange problem,one of my friend's got fungel infection in her hair(scalp)and she has lost a strand of hair and she has a bald circle(about 1 inch in diameter)its not obvious as its been hidden under her hair,but shez very upset. dr has advised her some anti fungel creams & shampoo,she has been using all tht n because of tht infection didn't spread. but i want u guys to give some tips & suggestions to get her hair back rapidly.
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@AKRao24 (19671)
• India
24 Jan 07
Yes! I can understand your friend's situation and I further sicerely appreciate your concern for her well being. Since your friend is already has approached a Doctor, who must be a skin specialist, there is no point in seeking advice from non technical people! Doctors speand years togrther in stydying the subject and after that they see lot of cases and experience the response of their treatment to a particular ailment.It is their day to day work and they can give pin point treatment once the cause is known. Since the Doctor has diagnosed your friends case as a fungal infection, he musy havr prescribed relevent medication for that ailment. For your kind information, fungal infection takes a long time to heal. One needs to have lot of patience. I am not a human Doctor, I am a veterinary Doctor working for a sTud farm where we breed Throughbred race horses for racing. This problem of fungal infection is common in horses also and they do loose their hair like the way your friend she lost, we call it as ring worm because of round patch of hair loss. Now with the availability of good medication for this ailment this condition remains no more a irritating one, which used to be so in previopus days. Some good oral tablets and local applications are available in Human medicine, which I am using for my horses and I am getting excellent results.Hope your friend's Doctor must have prescribed her those medicines . If not then she should change her Doctor and should see a skin specialist immidiately to get proper line of tretament. It will take its own time to for the patch to heal and to gain hair! I think till that time you can give your friend required moral support and boosting , byexplaining that the situation is not serious at all! Wish you all the best!