@joshen (47)
January 24, 2007 9:07am CST
what is the best word to describe love?describe love in one word.
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24 Jan 07
What is love? Is love an emotion? Or is the emotion a result of the love? If love CAUSES a feeling then it is not the feeling it is something else. We cannot know the feelings of others because feelings are internal experiences, so we can describe them but that is all - and people can lie about them or be mistaken. So what does someone do that makes us know they love us - what is evidence of love? 'Devotion'. A person who is devoted to you must love you. A person devoted who gets no reward except your devotion must love you. And you do not sit around FEELING love you act on it and how do you act? You do things - you show love - you act in a devoted way. So what is one word to describe love - what is an action which, by its enactment love is shown, love is proved? Devotion.
@noachide (162)
• India
24 Jan 07
i remember reading this sentence somewhere, and i realised what it is. "Love is not looking into each other's eyes. Love is looking in the same direction "
@lisa101 (1363)
• United States
24 Jan 07
My one word would be BEAUTY because everything about the one you love would be beautiful. Their eyes their smile their laugh the way the walk just everything .
• Italy
24 Jan 07
Hallo and welcome here on communities. There are not a single word/s to sexribe love. Love is only word to describe it! It's an emotion, an mental status.... Nothing to said for these splendid thing! Thanks for make a nice discussion today and have a nice day!