harry potter

January 24, 2007 10:09am CST
hi ppl... if u r a fan of harry potter let's discuss all the craps about that book n also about that movie... post ur comments about that book n also about that author... n wat do u expect 2 happen in the seventh part??? who'll die n who'll survive???
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• India
24 Jan 07
The author is definitely one among the best among the world.She is keeping the readers interested in the books for a long time which is a great achievement.I think Harry will leave Hogwarts with his friends and start finding out the horcruxes and destroy them.He may go to Godric's Hollow with Hagrid or Lupin and find something important there.Someone like Mundungus and Aberforth Dumbledore might help him in crucial moments and dont forget Severus Snape(the best spinner) who may still be on his side.Harry will survive.Hagrid and Snape may die.