I have tips for men from women

@lisa101 (1363)
United States
January 24, 2007 10:11am CST
I am going to try to help some of you guys with a few tips on how to make a girls heart melt. 1.When you are with a woman: look her deep in the eyes even if your not speaking to her sometimes just a deep meaningful silent gaze means the world. 2.Comment on her scent: If she is wearing lotion/perfume this means she was hoping to impress you with this so always let her know you have noticed. 3.always bring her hair into a touch or a kiss:my great grandma always said a womans hair is her glory. so put your hands in it and let it be known you have noticed it. 4.MOST IMPORTANT: always be the man: be the protector, the leader,be the one she can depend on no matter what, be thoughtful and try to do all this without going overboard if you see its too much then back off..This is just a few of my ideas of my dream bo. Maybe not for everyone but feel free to comment i love to hear diffrent opinions!
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