Is there a difference between makeup brands and prices?

how I feel playing in my makeup - It's nice to find the right makeup to play with and feel pretty in:)
United States
January 24, 2007 10:51am CST
OK, I'm a makeup junkie;seriously,I'd be Rupaul if I were a guy,I love playing in my makeup so much. Disturbing,isn't it? LOL Well, I don't drink,smoke,or do drugs,so.... I'm happy with my silly makeup and a latte anyday:) I've been to Sephora numerous times; I even found hairsticks that doubled as eyeliner:)Hard to believe I'm 33,huh? LOL You name the brand,I've probably sampled it or bought I'm allergic to everything Mary Kay makes for some reason though:( I"ve compared so many brands...MAC,Tarte,Lancome{ I honestly love them!}Dior,ect...Also the great brands at Wal Mart;Revlon,Max Factor,Neutrogena,and a few other brands. So far, the only brands worth a little extra on CERTAIN items would be Lancome and Tarte. But mainly,I don't see much of a difference other than price and prestige. So far... I love max 2000 calorie mascara,neutrogena clearing concealer,Tarte cheekstain{one lasts me over a year}.. and I make my own facial powder,because I want the light reflectors,no talc,and the right coloring,so I mix several others Hey,it works for me!Anyone else out there have faves to add here? Lela
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