how's tacloban city these days?

January 24, 2007 10:53am CST
i've been a resident of tacloban for 15 years.since i've moved in manila i haven't been back there for quite sometime now. i miss the people,the places i've been and the food. anyone out there to update me? thanks.
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@fsound (757)
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26 Jul 07
i go home to tacloban once a month. the city is quite improving.
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29 Jul 07
as i've heard. i got the chance to talk to a dear friend who still stays there. good for the city i guess its about time the government do something about improving tacloban. :)
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7 Jun 07
The city is most progressive, with the mayor Alfredo "bejo" Romualdez at the helm it has increased in economy and infrastructure..It has a new face and pace...Looming in the bay area is the Astrodome which is more like the Colosseum of days gone by...We just had the International Bikers Conference held there and had a peek on those impressive Harleys...Downtown beat is like a progressive Chinatown, buildings, stores and new shops open that vary in things to sell from cellphones, appliances,computers,haute coutre Rtws and thrift shops!(ukay-ukay)..still we have emporiums like Gaisano, Dynasty, etc and on the neighborhood where I live (suburbia Tacloban), Robinson's is now constructing their mall...Food. Ah..Taclobanon's love to varies from street food (barbeque at Rizal Avenue), fast food (McDonald's, Jollibee, Shakey's, Greenwich,Chow king, etc) to specialty cuisine (Ayo, Sunzibar,Hugo's, Guiseppe's,Smoke Haus,Brod Pits,etc), coffee clubs (Gloria Jeans, Bo's, Jose Karlos and soon: Starbucks) to fine dining at the Hotels...The social scene has never been drab, every week and month there is always something happening..national conferences, concerts in the park and halls, gigs of pop music culture, events (fairs, tiangges, promotions, etc..)Well, traffic has been congested at downtown..there are plans laid out now to add a boulevard at the Bay, and perhaps commuter stations in the outskirts...but still we have the tuktuk like motorcabs plying downtown...Still Tacloban is a scenic city (rolling hills down to the strait,like a little San Francisco, hehehe)..Come home to Tacloban this's Fiesta Month! the Plaza will teem with food, the Boulevard will have tables out under the starlit sky at night, bands, artists will be performing every night, fun..sights..etc..
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8 Jun 07
WOW! the city has indeed grown! the last time i was there my friends and i celebrated at bistro uno (then a famous hang-out). reading your short info, i'm thinking of going back even just for a visit. thanks a lot.
@annx1116 (55)
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24 Jan 07
sorry i cant update u coz im here in manila too...
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24 Jan 07
ok thanks ha.
@kixsh101 (743)
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24 Jan 09
TACLOBAN had changed a lot! Especially that we are now considering it as a (HUC) highly urbanized city. We are now looking forward to the opening of Robinsons mall and other big establishments. This means there would be a good period for Tacloban to have more investors and it would mean more more for the Leytenos.
@glitch (188)
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
Tacloban hasn't grown much and nowadays it is littered with donut shops, mister donuts and more. Nice japanese restaurant around now, the astrodome is pretty much ok. Robinsons is starting to take shape and many people looking for call center jobs have every reason to be excited as that seems to be in development along side Robinsons. A new Gaisano is in the making too and the design concepts look pretty good. Just hope things take shape. Tacloban is still very very behind and around my forum there is a discussion of whether it should be a highly urbanized city or not. And oh, the traffic lights have finally made a return and this freaky alien like multicab roams around offering a door to door service. You can get updated by visiting my forum known as Taclobanoids.