Stray Animals

United States
January 24, 2007 10:53am CST
Seeing strays in the streets makes me sad. I sometimes wonder if I could bring them home. But I know my parents would not like it. I already have a little dog at home but other animals need some care as well. There is an animal shelter near my place but when I'm riding in my car I see them going through garbage. Nobody is trying to help them. Don't you guys feel like taking some poor strays home or at least want to give them another good home?
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@FrancyDafne (2048)
• Italy
24 Feb 07
I can understand your regret, Emskoneko, I'm animalist and vegetarian, and I really suffer when I see a stray animal. Me too I have a little dog, and I can't have other animals because my garden is very very little. You are a very sensitive girl and I'm happy you are so delicate with unlucky creatures. But.... isn't there a dog-kennel in you town?
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• United States
26 Feb 07
There is a dog pound. But I've been inside and I am not happy with it. It's very cold and dirty inside. Even with that dog pound around, there are still so many strays out in the streets on cold days and nights. I wish that the pound could provide better comfort and living quarters for the animals.
@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
21 Feb 07
I don't like the idea of seeing strays on the streets either. If I had the ability to I would take in as many strays as I could and take care of them all. I love animals and I have a jack russell terrier of my own right now who is just a blast to be with all the time. She's full of energy and she's always curious and willing to explore everything around her. I believe upon bringing some strays home I'm sure she would go absolutely nuts. I don't know if she would warm up to them over time but there is the possibility of her having some new playmates around here. I know that I have seen my fair share of stray animals where me and my other half used to live. We had seen a couple of stray cats and one puppy around our old neighborhood that we tied to help out as much as we could. The first one was a small grey furry kitten that just would not stop meowing. It wasn't a normal meow either, it was like an "I'm lost and I need some love" type meowing. Anyways, I had my other half go downstairs and grab her and bring her into the apartment. She was a little freaked out upon being introduced to our place but we offered her a little saucer of warm milk and some tuna as well. She just devoured this really quickly and it looked like she enjoyed it. A few minutes later after trying to keep her out of certain rooms she got really wound up and ended up running out on us through the patio door. The other cat we saw was larger than the first one but we went ahead and tried to give her some food anyways as well. She refused it outright so we tried the saucer of milk instead. She drank that and then wanted to go out the door. We couldn't get her to stop jumping for the door so we finally just let her go. It was hard but I'm glad we were at least able to give her a little warmth from our place. I remember one time we were sitting down and watching television in our old apartment when we saw a stray puppy running around outside. Before we were able to get him to come to us so we could give him some food he turned around and ran away. We were a little disappointed that this had happened the way it did as opposed to us getting our hands on the puppy and giving him something to eat. In conclusion, I always find it sad that there are strays out on the streets without loving homes to stay in. I'd love the ability to take a lot of them into my own home and care for them like my current puppy. If I couldn't keep them here I would ask they go to an animal shelter where they can at least get some love from the people there. Hopefully they could go on and adopt them out to a loving family sooner or later! . . Thanks for allowing me to share!
• United States
22 Feb 07
I can tell that you have a good heart. It was very touching for me to read this. I'm glad you have deep feelings on this. Thank you for sharing your experience and feelings.
@sreedhar (576)
• India
24 Jan 07
Sorr but i too have the same problem. I feel very sad about not being able to do some thing for these innocent and helpless animals, but i too have a dog in my house and my parents are not willing to permit to get me another dog into the house, especially not a stray. So the only thing i am thinking of doing is to feed the stray dogs on streets it self for they might have got adjusted to the life on street and feel it as their home, so feeeding and showing some love to them might solve atleat a bit of my responsibility towards them. And i am also thinking of visiting the local animal shelter atleast once in a week to spend some time with those poor creatures, make them happy and thereby be hapy myself.
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