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January 24, 2007 11:31am CST
there are two person in your life one to whom you love more then your life and who loves you more than his life both are diying you have only 15 minuts you will have to save one of them to whom will you save first and why eply me with valid reason
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@shatman (727)
24 Jan 07
this is really hard to answer. i would save the one which i loved more than my life, and obviously if it took my life and they still lived i would be happy. i would do this well if you loved someone that much you would want to save them, whereas if someone love you that much and you didnt feel the same i think the person you love comes first
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• Australia
25 Jan 07
For me it would be a religious descision. If one was a christian and the other wasn't then I would save the non christian as the christian would go to heaven. If they both were or weren't it'd be the one who had kids. if they had everything the same eg wife kids, I'd save the one that loved me more.