Need Help From Men & Women on MOTHER-IN-LAWS

United States
January 24, 2007 1:01pm CST
I have any and everyone to reply on this topic, as I am confussed!! Why is it that "most" mother-in-laws does not like their daughter-in-laws? It would seem that the mother-in-law thinks that the daughter-in-law is not good enough for their son. I've had 2 mother-in-laws, as this is my second and last marriage because God has blessed me with my soulmate and the man of my dreams. My mother-in-law from my 1st marriage could not stand me and my current mother-in-law hates the ground I walk on! I'm not doing or saying anything wrong to my mother-in-laws and I have treated their son(s) like they are the king of the earth. Please help, what am I doing wrong?
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• Canada
24 Jan 07
I love my mother in law so I have never had to go through what you are talking about . She has never given me the indication that I am not good enough for her son . And I love when she comes to visit with us for awhile .
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• United States
24 Jan 07
Thanks for the reply and I pray that your relationship with our mother-in-law continues. I just wish mine was like yours.
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• Philippines
10 Mar 07
I can relate with you...its odd that you had 2 monsters in law in your life. I hope you won't get offended by this. But who is the common factor on both relationships? It is YOU right? We can therefore conclude that its you had the problem dealing with them....Its nice to hear that you treat their sons as kings...but don't you think their moms treats their sons as prince? You don't have to say anything against, or do against anyone...If your Man is really a man, he should deal with it not as prince or king but as a son and husband but how would he handle it if he himself doesn't know what is going on? Laying down a card is a simple task but you have an obligation that you will not hurt your man's ego...remember it is his mom whom you are going to cooked here (kidding). Some mothers tends to be jealous specially if they think someone is going to steal their baby's love. You will understand this monsters in law of yours when you yourself is on the same shoe. trusts me, knowing what is the issue could easily resolve the issue. "Unknown issues cannot be resolved." Ciao littlenita ;)