Do you really believe in god, and the bible?

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January 24, 2007 2:00pm CST
Sometimes I question myself on whether or not I truly believe in god and the bible at once. I have my reasons of course as does anyone who really believes or doesn't believe in something. First of all I grew up in a protestant church, and like anyone who grows up around family and a certain neighboorhood or community, you tend to believe what the others and your family does. And if you don't you're looked upon like some kind of major evil sinner. Well back to the subject, I often question whether their is a god now a days mainly because of all the things that we're finding out through sciences and other stuff. For instance I know the bible is the word of god, but what it really is, is the word of god through man. If you ever have done some research for yourself you would find that their are so many differences between all the bibles, and where they supposedly came from which is the Torah. I don't know Hebrew so I couldn't tell you the differences, but I have read up on them through some pretty good sources, and they don't even read the bible anymore, they strictly read the torah because they say the bible's translations are so far off the wall that it's ridiculous. Even when you look through History you find people like the Catholics who actually created their own version of the bible and enslaved people with it. Then you have preachers running around and telling you what you should or shouldn't do. This used to make me think that it was just man doing what he wanted, and maybe their wasn't a god. Then you have the christian community running around telling you rock and roll is evil, unless its christian rock and roll, then it's good. It's almost like a sales pitch. Walk into a church and wear a Marilyn Manson T-Shirt and they'll look at you like ur from the Devil. Does that mean you're evil if you listen to Marilyn Manson? This started making me think that christians were kind of crazy damning everything they didn't understand. I could on and on about this but I will tell you what I believe. You're always hearing about this and that and then you see wars between christians and Muslims,whereas most christians in the U.S. don't even know what it means to be a christian. Going to church and tithing every week does not make you a christian, by accepting Jesus and living by his works makes you a christian. To try to better youself in every way possible that is rightous makes you a christian. Just because you listen to music where people say the F-Word doesn't make you evil or some sort of sinner, it makes you stupid if you actually believe those people making the music are satanic, most of them are artists, they are performing art. You and I may not agree with certain art forms, but not agreeing does not that thing you do not agree with evil or satanic. We don't know everything, and the bible despite what everyone thinks, is mostly written by men. So I go further and state that we should just live and try to live by the teachings of Jesus and by accepting him into our hearts. Anything else is a lie and blaspemous is you ask me. Of course then theirs the war of creationism vs. science. Well who cares, if science proves something then it proves something, that still doesn't mean their isn't a god or what jesus did was all fake. Science has yet to prove that their is a god, but Science has also yet to prove that their isn't a god. Plus all the eye-witness accounts of what jesus did made him so popular that the whole world knew him very very quickly, and this was in a time where deeds only traveled by word of mouth because their was no technology like we have today. So this in the end is really what I stand on as my belief that their is a god, Jesus is the main reason why I believe in heaven and hell, and why I strive to do greatness. Plus even though the bible was written by men, the old testament has so many keys to wisdom locked in it that it's just so hard to comprehend how someone could know things like "Spare the rod and spoil the child" Things that we never thought meant really anything, and now we're finding out how right the bible was. Spare the rod, spoil the child turns him/her into a criminal later on in life. I don't know everything obviously and am still forming my basis of faith, but please post freely and tell me why you believe or don't believe in god. Why you beleive in the bible or don't, why you may take on another faith or why you wouldn't. Interested in hearing other peoples views
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25 Jan 07