Where did the crazy guy go?

United States
January 24, 2007 2:30pm CST
I wonder if they will bring back the crazy guy who made his own boat and wanted to sail off to the country in the painting. Does anyone know. I kind of liked him in a creepy way.
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28 Jan 07
That 'Crazy Guy' is called Charles Patoshik and is better known as haywire, yes he has not appeared n about 10 episodes, as I don't think the writers of the show think he would fit in well in it's current state, although it would be good to include him again just to make us viewers laugh. The last we saw of Haywire was when he was trying to build a boat to sail to Holland (the picture in the painting, but what I find strange is the most cleverest escape Con is Micheal Scofield and he is always in the action nearly getting caught but Haywire who is incredibly stupid has not really been close at all to getting caught.