What do you think of the Missouri Miracle ( 2 missing boys found)

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January 24, 2007 2:55pm CST
I am so glad those boys are home! I live 20 minutes from that Devlin man that kinapped them. I hope they are mentally ok. I can't imagine this happening to my kids. You can not leave you'r kids alone anywhere these days. This is definitly a miracle.
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7 Feb 07
It is a miracle! I worked with the Ownbys for years and they are very nice, quiet, and upstanding citizens. I cried many tears and said many prayers for them during those 4 days. I have since seen them and they are so happy!!!! I can't believe that after all this time and work that went into finding Shawn, he was right under our noses. That creep must have threatened him very well. I know that if someone threatened my son with harming his family, he would probably be scared and protect us. I rush home everyday to be here before my kids, and I get so nervous if I run even a minute late. My kids are both scared and a lot more cautious now. I won't even go to Wal-Mart if I have the baby by myself, it's too scary!
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24 Jan 07
It really is. I had never heard about the first boys abduction until they were found. It is so great that both boys could be reunited with their families. Its hard to even think about what they must have went through, especially Shawn Hornbeck. Alot of people are asking why he didnt try to escape, I assume he was absolutely horrified to try to. Most abductions dont have such a great ending. I am really glad for both of these boys and their families.