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@cjayden (110)
United States
January 24, 2007 3:27pm CST
My youngest son recently turned 2, at his check up the dr said she recommended speach therapy because he only says 1 word. We were referred to a therapist and an evaluation is being done on feb. 14th. Does my son need speach therapy or will he eventually talk?
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24 Jan 07
I had speech therapy when I was a child as I wasn't able to pronounce words properly and only my mum could understand what I was saying, I went there for a few years and the only problem I have now is not being able to roll my 'r's! Every child is different and often the reason for being a bit slower in one area of their development is if they are quick in another - I learnt to walk very quickly which is probably why my speech was slower. This is very normal but not noticeable in every child. Whether your son needs speech therapy or not is hard to say but i'd think there was plenty of time for development at age 2. It was quite fun though, I had to play games and various things from what I can remember. I think he may well talk of his own accord but you might want to give speech therapy a try, at least see what their opinion is and whether there is anything they can suggest for you to try at home.
@cjayden (110)
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24 Jan 07
Thanks for your comment. They tell me they think he is behind on his speach because he is to into running around and he cant sit to learn from toys. I will see how it goes after the evaluation.
@happymommy3 (2013)
• United States
8 Feb 07
I'm so glad there is someone else out there! The same thing happened with my son. He is going on 4 now though next month and is talking more now. The doctor told us at his 2 year check up not to worry, that he would be taking more in a couple months. So, it never happend and by 3 they told us to go to speech therapy also. We never did, I don't think my husband really wanted to, he said lets just try and talk to him more and see if we can help him, which we already were, but just wait it out. Alot of people have told us that boys learned slower and not to worry out of nowhere he will start talking. So, he is talking a lot more now. Not so much like I think he should but I've noticed a major difference when we make him talk and not talk for him. It would get to the point where he would scream and cry because we didn't understand him but we would just tell him, we don't understand you when you're screaming and crying, you have to tell us what you want. I would think speech therapy would have been so much easier, but as for us doing it, it's worked, with alot of patience and talking alot to him and making him say the words. We also bought a bunch of flash cards with pictures and those helped alot also. He has 2 older sisters so we've also taught them to wait and let him speak and say the words and not say them for him. I think the doctor might be right, with going to a speech therapist but at 2 he's also still little and he could start talking more like in my situation, but it takes ALOT of patience. Good luck!
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30 Jan 07
My son has been in speech since he was 4--he's 6 1/2. He was born with a severe speech disability and I couldn't get anyone concerned enough about it until it was too late and I had no clue where to go. I'd suggest just going to the evaluation to see what the speech therapist says. She may have ideas for you to try at home or she may want to see him once a week or so. They may be able to get you in with the speech therapist in your school district and it would be free.
@cheryl07 (54)
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29 Jan 07
Hey, it don't hurt to see what they say. Maybe it will help, but, you know eventually, when he has something to say, he'll say it. Then you will wish he wouldn't talk!
@superbren (856)
25 Jan 07
of course he will talk . my nephew didnt utter one word until he was almost three. he was just a quiet child which is not a bad thing. he is one on the brightest in his class and at 16 has always walked any exam . please dont worry , the doc is just taking precautions but i think he should have waited a little longer before speech therapy.encourage the child yourself and dont despair.