Isn't pregnancy being taken for granted these days?

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January 24, 2007 5:22pm CST
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and after 9 months you will have the most precious gift you will ever get. So I don't understand why so many women who don't want a baby are getting pregnant. I mean I guess accidents happen but if they shouldn't if you know what you are doing. Abortion is such a hot topic these days and we shouldn't even have to deal with it. If you don't want a child then don't get pregnant. There are so many people out there who cannot conceive children that would love to have a baby but can't. I think that getting pregnant is a big deal. You have to nourish that baby. You are no longer just thinking about yourself but also another life that depends on you for everything. I just think that some women take getting pregnant for granted. I once had a friend who got pregnant on purpose just to keep her man. Isn't that stupid?
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6 Feb 07
Women have been getting abortions and manipulating men for centuries. The only difference these days is that people talk about everything. Also, not everyone thinks that pregnancy is beautiful, or that children are "the most precious gift". I for one, hope I *never* get pregnant and I dread the possibilty, as well as that of actually having a child. I have never understood kids and I don't want to have any. If I ever did, I would see it as a curse, not a blessing. But yes, I do agree that having kids as a way of manipulating emotions and families is sick and wrong. A girl did that to my fiance's younger brother last year. It makes me nauseas just thinking about it. She got pregnant just to make sure she had a place in his family and to trump me out of the picture. Both of which she accomplished. They made their son drop out of school and marry her before she gave birth. He was only 16 when he dropped out and turned 17 just before they got married. So sad.
@lafavorito (2966)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
So sad but true. There are women who think pregnancy is a way to keep their partners or make them feel guilty about leaving them. It's unfair to the baby to be used as leverage for the woman's selfish needs. I have a distant relative who never got pregnant and wished to have a child, so I'm felling very lucky that I have my son. Eventhough he came before I finished college I'm still happy because he taught me how to be sensitive to needs of others and the importance of hard work for our future.
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30 Jan 07
I agree with you. I think it is so sad that abortion is even allowed-- I know so many people that want a baby so bad, but can't & then the next person doesn't want a baby so they abort it. I also don't like it how people use pregnancy as some type of bargaining chip-- like your friend who got pregnant to keep her man. It's like, why? If he doesn't want to be with you, he'll leave both of you now-- then what? I just don't think people think anything through. I also don't understand when I see pregnant people smoking & drinking... I'm like, do you have any clue what your doing to your child right now? & some of them honestly don't care. I wish people didn't take pregnancy for granted & respect the life growing inside them with everything they have. There are so many options available other than abortion.
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29 Jan 07
I agree 110%.... Children are gods gift and I wouldnt have ever even thought about giving my child up. I do not know how people can kill a baby or even think to give them away. Your right there is so many people who would love to have children and cant but then there is so many who just go get pregnant n then get abortions. In myeyes an abortion is just like killing someone. You should feel horrible if you kill anything or anyone!!
@wmaharper (2316)
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27 Jan 07
Yes, I agree, no one should enter pregnancy with selfish motives/reasons for doing so. Being pregnant is one of the most self-sacrficing jobs out there, right next to parenthood. Having said that, Birth control is the answer, but not the answer for all. Birth control does not work for every woman, every couple. I have known some woman who have used the pill and another contraceptive at the same time and still got pregnant. Some people just don't fit into the 98 % that won't get pregnant while on the pill. I do not think that is the point you are trying to make though. I do think people rush into pregnancy, maybe to save a relationship, thinking it will be a fix-all for the misery they are in, but that's never the case. If your life is miserable, having a baby will NOT make it better, you are just makign it more difficult and now making another person share your misery. I agree that there are plenty of people out there that would like children, and I think that if a person finds themselves pregnant with an unwanted child, they ought to give that baby to someone who will love and cherish it.