U think they stupid or not?

January 24, 2007 10:20pm CST
My friend love his girlfriend so much. they have been together for 3 years. so, the problem started when our best friend (men) tried to tackle his girlfriend. I give him my advice, and he can't live without her. so, pity.. what can i do, both of them r my friends.I can see this girl are like both of them. Her boyfriend know about this and still cant see? his girlfriend just play with his heart. I read all testimonials that girl send to both of them. she really2 like these 2 guys. What's this? why both of them cant see this???
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• Philippines
25 Jan 07
First of all, I hope I get your point right. Your bestfriend has a girlfriend. This girlfriend though is having two boyfriends all at once. Your friend knows about this but, he is so in love with the woman he will not let go of her. That's a sad situation. Your friend must realize early enough to enable him to look for the woman just right for him. Help him by talking him into it and help him meet other suitable women for him. He might find one to capture his heart soon.
• Malaysia
25 Jan 07
yes, correct! i dont know how he thinking... he know the truth but dont want to accept. I already giving this idea to him but he keep telling me his gf already change. but i read all the testimonial that girl wrote to both of them. I can realise and make assumption that this girl never ever change and appriciete what she have right now. if she want new bf, just leave my friend, tell him the truth.