Is it the milk or the genes?

January 25, 2007 1:41am CST
I remembered an old tv commercial for an infant's milk.. a friend is asking the father why his baby's smart..the father replied, might be the milk or the genes...well, that left many movie viewers asking the same question. Do milk or infant formulas have something to do with the brain development or smartness of a child? the tv commercial promotes the milk as contributory to the intellectual development of a child.. if that's the case, then the breastfed babies could be no smarter than kids drinking the milk in the commercial. anyway, is it really the milk or simply heredity (genes)?
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• Philippines
29 Jan 07
No-no, it's not those processed milk. We were told that milk MAY contain a bacteria, the enterobacter sakazakii, and there's no way for this giant milk formula companies to place a warning on the can despite being advised to do so. All of our physical being is determined by our genetic makeup. I don't need to expound on this since it has already been proven by Genetics. But of course, the final arbiter ON HOW FAR YOUR CHILD CAN GO is not solely the biological structure. It goes beyond that. Those who are pushing their physical aspect to the limits are people with determined souls. But of course, it takes both the flesh and soul to reach the peak.
• Philippines
31 Jan 07
i appreciate the way you articulate on the topic. Thanks for the substantive comment. im interested with that bacteria. i think ill be researching more info about it.
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@petspets (476)
• Antarctica
30 Jan 07
Babies are born with different levels of intelligence quotient. Nuturing also plays a part in making the child smarter. A balance nutrition also helps in over all good health. No, it is not milk that makes a child smart.