being pratical !!!

January 25, 2007 1:47am CST
Hey frndz....being pratical has good and bad effects... being pratical hurts in friendship,love and other relationships... NEVERTHELESS this is also important for success.. U must have also experienced some incidents or sensitive situations...please express ur thoughts.... U can also rite some of ur experiences with ur answer...
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• Philippines
25 Jan 07
To be practical does not mean to use your head only at all times in making decisions. To be practical means to choose the best option there is at all times which shall be beneficial to all concerned. To be practical is to be able to balance mind and heart in order to get most desirable results in every decision making exercise we may be undertaking. Do you know that the more practical person who is being made to choose between a rich guy and the man she loves, in marriage, shall always go for the man she loves? This is because they can share a life together, plan together and work together.