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January 25, 2007 2:05am CST
Woman in the Bible is the weakness vessel of men. Why? is that we're so "emotional" This is a comment not only from men, but also from women about themselves. That description is'nt necessarily bad! On the contrary, because women are emotional, they often make better know the people surround them, they can easily identify and emphatize with the feelings of other people surround them. Smart women master their moods, that is they lived by direction, decision and determination rather than whim. They demonstrate self control and commitment. Anger, sadness, joy fear,pride, relief, jealousy, adoration,irritability,love,fury, kindness, animosity. These emotions are all part of the human experience. The difficulty comes when we cant identify the feeling, cant control its impulses, cant reduce the stress it cause. And dont know the difference between feeling the emotion and acting on the emotion. Women who have mastered their emotions have a higher tolerance for frustration,handle conflicts more effectively, avoid impulsive self sabotaging reactions, reduces stress, and feel more positive about life. Negative thoughts produce nasty moods, which will keep you from being who you want to be and accomplishing what you want to accomplish. Part of changing the way you feel is capturing the thoughts that you got there. By training yourself to think positive thoughts and driving out the negatives. You feel at ease when forced to make those tough decisions. (Read Proverbs 31:10-31)
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25 Jan 07
A woman is someone who is so pure and divine that we cant touch it directly with our bare hands