Fatherhood is a believe but motherhood is a fact.

January 25, 2007 3:17am CST
How can we prove that the man we are seeing is our father? Many a times the father is not around when his child is born.May be because of his job or some other engagements.Yea,mum may tell us this is your father.some didn't see their fathers up to a year or there about.Don't tell me medically it can be done.If you prove it medically how do you convince the little child to believe you.He only grows up and become used to this man he sees every day around him and believe that this man is his father.How many times have we had people say,"for goodness sake you are not my father or mother".we only believe by faith that this man is our father because thatis the way of life we have learnt.The only fact we can prove is the womb from which the baby came out from.
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