Have you ever appreciated a sunset?

@katcarneo (1442)
January 25, 2007 4:25am CST
They say the best things in life are free. What are the small things that really get you going?
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• United States
26 Jan 07
Watching the sunset at Manila Bay is on of the things every Pinoy should experience. As for the San Francisco Bay Area people, they should go to Golden Gate park to appreciate the sunset. Other small things that get me going is the smile of babies. The smile of the innocent (with drool) just brings joy in my heart and it's free! that's why whenever I walk around and see families with babies, I always look at the smile of the small kids and I smile back. One of the best natural highs everyone should experience.
@suyen15 (31)
• United States
27 Jan 07
hugs!!! :) i love hugging people and getting hugged! :) but of course i only hug people i know! :P lol... i love being hugged by my boyfriend! that's the best! :) it also picks me up when i know people are sincere... they give sincere smiles... they say thank you and actually mean it.. i love seeing old couples hold hands and kiss each other... i love seeing grandparents playing with their grandkids... when babies smile at me... when my boyfriend cooks for me... (and when my dad cooks too!) seeing that my family is okay :) i love seeing people smile! :)
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@jebosh (14)
• Philippines
25 Jan 07
Oh I loooovvee the sunset! And the sunrise! And birds' chirpings! And the smell of fresh leaves! And the feeling you get after brushing your teeth! And chocolates! And cookies and cream ice cream! And the smile of my super crush! And the sound of the ocean! And the laughter of little kids! And my mom's embrace! And my dad's cony jokes! And my niece's talent show! And my bestfriend's email! And little compliments from old friends! And strange conversations with strangers! And learning more about astronomy! And hearing good things about my country! And God's whispers! And a lot lot more!