Is it right to give financial support to my husband's family?

January 25, 2007 5:28am CST
I want to know your opinion on the subject above. To start with, I am married with my hubby for more than 4 years now. After marriage, we are staying with my husband's family hoping to start our life as a married couple with no hassle of renting. You know we're starting up and we only earn an average income. Since then, we are giving financial help for the family for the rent (since they're also renting) and other expenses at home. But then, i just can't understand her mother that always complaining that what we gave is not enough for the rent, electric bill and so on and even the telephone. I just cant understand that we're not supposed to shoulder all their bills since we are not the only person living there...there's the 3 brothers (1 unemployed, 1 working and college nursing student) and the unmarried old aunt also working. Until my daughter turns one, i have been a mess with the kind of life. So, i asked my hubby to have us eloped from his family or if not...i will live on my own with my daughter. And so finally, we have moved our own although renting but at least, we had bought our own things at home for 2 years of being married. I thought i won't have problems like that anymore. Now, there they goes again..they're still asking for money for some of their bills but you may visit their home..they have the new pc and 29' inch TV and what more two telephone lines. Where us, i don't even have a sofa set for we haven't got enough budget yet. I mean, that's really disgusting because my father in law is working abroad and earning dollars (dollars is a lot compared to a philippine peso). They'll say they will we let them borrow and then the next month..they want to pay another bill so they asked again without even considering that we didnt ask the payment for the money they borrowed. And then again and again! They just can't stop asking us. My husband really cant say no...but me...i am beginning to hate them and ignore them. Why can't they took sometime to not keep on asking. I really don't know what to do with them...I don't want to hate them but don't you think they're messing our life. Please help! Am i selfish? or what?
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