April Fool's day,a funny day!

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January 25, 2007 5:49am CST
Unlike most holidays,the history of April Fool's Day,sometimes called All Fool's Day,is not totally clear.There really wasn't a "first April Fool's Day"that can be pinpointed on the calendar.Some believe it came from celebrations involving the first day of spring about 500 years ago.Originally,new year was celebrated at the end of March or April 1st,but them the day changed to Jamuary 1st.Some people in the countryside did not get the news and continued to celebrate new year's on April 1st.People began to call these people "April fools."Today it is a lighthearted celebration when people play jokes on each other.
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• China
19 Feb 07
I feel Fool's day make more trouble to most man than happy.
• China
19 Feb 07
yes,i agree with you,and sometimes,many people are maken game of by others.so some of them will be involved in the troubles.
@imrajesh (1968)
• India
25 Jan 07
thanx vicky19810 for this information i was not able to figure out the information b4 it.
• China
25 Jan 07
you are welcome,and i did not know it before,and i want to share it with all friends when i meet with its story and origin.lol...
@huanghaozi (1474)
• Egypt
18 Feb 07
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