Do you eat your kids left overs . i do it all the time

January 25, 2007 6:18am CST
do you eat your kids leftovers . i do it all the time and i find it very hard to break the habit. i cant bear to see food wasted even though it would be better in the bin than in my stomach. i think it goes back to my childhood . there were 6 of us and although we were always fed we didnt get a lot of treats foodwise. there just wasnt enough money for biscuits every day or icecream. now my kids have those thing whenever they want./ the fridge is always full, i will not skimp on food.i do tell the kids to scrape their leftovers into the bin to stop me overeating but one day my daughter decided to teach me a lesson . she had chips on her plate and she covered them with washing up liquid. i came towards the plate when she left and i thought,, umm i,ll just have one , i stuffed a few in my mouth and agh , they were so disgusting , i ran foaming at the mouth to the bathroom . we still laugh about it , it was a terrible taste but it still hasnt stopped me picking.
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