What are ' Vedas ' ? Who has composed it ? What do these speak of?

January 25, 2007 7:08am CST
What are ' Vedas '? Who has composed it? What do these speak of? What are its usefulness in the context of to-day's modern life and living ?
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@urbandekay (18312)
25 Jan 07
The oldest scripts are Egyption, the Rig Veda, the oldest work is dated around 1500 BC making it nearly as old as the oldest parts of the Bible. Like many early texts it has an earlier oral tradition, later parts of the Vedas are more recent showing Christian and Muslim influences. They are the main Scripture of Hindus and are a collection of teachings by which a teacher may have informed his disciple. They deal with archaic cosmology, healing, martial arts, architecture and sculpture, music poetry and drama as well as religious and philosophical matters and are influenced by early Greek philosophy; Greek sailors traded with early Indian settlements, who at that time were phallic worshipping cults. All the best urban
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26 Jan 07
Many thanks for nicely responding and sharing your knowledge and thoughts.