How was your birth experiance?

United States
January 25, 2007 9:59am CST
I wish my labor and deilvery went alot better, yet I shouldnt complain cause I didnt end up with a C-Section, even though I was mighty close. First I went in 3 days before my due date cause of lots of pain, headaches and swelling. well i got there and my blood pressure was high, they made me lay on my side forever. that didnt help my B.P. then they tried meds. and that didnt help eaither so I got induced. i went in on Wed. morning didnt deliver till Friday afternoon at 4:02. well Friday morning/early afternoon things started going bad, like my son's heartrate went down and stayed down for 2 mins. my doctor rushed in with like 5 nurses, and my doctor was pushing me over on my side, cause i was laying half on my back and half on my side. well i got pushed all the way on my side, nurses were putting pillows under me to help me stay on my side. i couldnt move my legs do to the epie. another nurse was turning off the poticen, and another nurse was throwing an oxygen mask on me. they said if his heart rate didnt go up within the next few seconds, then I was going in for an emergancy C-Section. everyone had left to get something to eat and i was sleeping, so i woke up drossed, and scared. i started crying. luckly my doctor is a real nice and sweet guy and the nurses there were awesome!! my doctor and a nurse stayed with me to comfort me, and told me it was going to be ok, cause his heart rate went back up. then turned the poticen back on low. When i was pushing his head got stuck cause he was facing my left leg, instead of facing down. so they had to cut me and use forceps. i didnt even knew they cut me till after i delivered!! well when his head came out the cord was wrapped around it. so they took the cord off, i pushed him the rest of the way out. when i first saw him the doctor was holding him by his feet, and my husband got to cut the cord. i was really hopeing that they would place him on me after he came out, but they rushed him to the warmer and started working on him cause he wasnt crying and had a little trouble breathing. i was sooo scared when i didnt hear him cry right away. well it seemed like forever untill he cried. it was only like a minute or 2. his first score was 4 then at five minutes it was 9. they gave him some oxygen and stimulated him. then he started crying. i was so happy to hear that cry! then i finally got to hold him, but i didnt hold him very long cause i was shakeing so bad lol! lets hope when baby #2 gets ready to come, it will be alot better!
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