Would you like to go on TV, by hook or by crook?

January 25, 2007 11:18am CST
We turn on the TV and see all these people who would do everything to be on TV and to be famous even for 30 seconds only. Just watching American Idol makes us realize how desperate people can get. Watching the NY auditions for AI 2007 is a good example for this. Some people are so full of drama that they become entertainment for us. Let's ask ourselves if we would also go to such lengths for fame. =)
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• Philippines
25 Jan 07
Oh, you are one of us who have realized how much people want to be seen on tv much as to be printed in the news. The programs you have mentioned are worth fighting for, I'd understand those people. But take a look at those people who do make faces and all sorts of actions once they notice a tv camera is around. Try to take pictures at the mall, notice those people who try to get into the frame. Ask a few why they are doing that, they'd tell you that you might be taking the pictures for use in a magazine or newspaper. It will be very thrilling to see their faces there. Ha, ha, ha!
@cowgirl2701 (2081)
• United States
25 Jan 07
I wouldn't go on TV and act like some of those people. Did you watch American Idol last night? That one girl thought they should make her the first Idol that couldn't sing. They could teach her to sing. She was very dramatic. I think she needed to be on medication the way she was acting. It is sad to see people act like that.