talking to old people are too hard for me!

January 25, 2007 11:55am CST
my grandmother is with us today she is already 80 year old. whenever she needs somthing i cant understand what she is saying. Not jsut my grandma but even other old people around our neighborhood. i see lots of yourngr people talking to elders and it seems pretty easy for them but me..grrrr.. i dont know! idont know if its because of my hearing or there speech that i cant comprehend. do you somtimes find it hard to talk to old people? or its just me?
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@ladygam (564)
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
Maybe it's just you, lols. I have no problem talking to older people especially my late grandma. She was sweet and even though she fails to recognize me sometimes, she tries to make me feel welcome whenever I visit because somehow she knows that I'm one of her granddaughters. Try giving her something as a gift and tell her it's from you, they really appeciate it. Just be patient around them. Gestures are easier to understand than words.
@GardenGerty (102534)
• United States
27 Jan 07
Sometimes it is hard, but it takes practice, just like everything else. With your grandmother, remember the things you shared when she and you were younger, it will give you the patience to keep trying, for love's sake.
@angnima (772)
• Nepal
27 Jan 07
Because of generation gap it is difficult to talk with old people. If you want to talk with them treat them child and speak. It may work .
@rsrait (567)
• India
26 Jan 07
Its not only you my friend its me also i have my father 85 years old and he always keep saying some thing or the other,i am 55 and my hearing is not that good its difficult always to understand what he says.
• India
25 Jan 07
why dear what wrong to speak to old peoples, i love to take advice from them . because they are experienced in the life yhen us. its not wrong or something bad to talk to old aged peoples.