Is India obsessed with Cricket?????

Sachin Tendulkar... if he sneezes - Sachin Tendulkar... if he sneezes it is a cause for national concern, if he gets injured it becomes a national emergency.
January 25, 2007 12:44pm CST
Linked to player adulation is our fascination with cricket statistics. We, as a nation, are masters at recalling cricket records. Kids and grandmothers have PhDs in this field, they can instantly recall strike/economy rates of players, their career profiles and every other kind of irrelevant detail. What are the main issues of Indian cricket we are obsessed with? The performance of the Indian team tops this list and two questions asked most often are: Why don't we win more often, nd why do we fare poorly abroad? These questions matter because victories result in jubilation and spirited celebration while defeats cause untold despair, disappointment and depression. Also, there is endless speculation of the `kya ho jata hai' kind. This divide is as glaring as the Bharat versus India contrast. One side of Indian cricket is shining; it is a world of enormous riches and top-end luxury. But there also exists a less-privileged world untouched by luxury, removed from privileges or paisa. Star players are seriously rich but a vast majority of players live, if not below the poverty line, close to the edge. I doubt India is seriously 'OBSESSED"...
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