Duncan Edwards - The Best Player Ever

@JoeJoe11 (153)
January 25, 2007 1:31pm CST
Duncan Edwards sadly perished in the Munich air disaster, but he, in Bobby Charlton's, Matt Busby's and many other's words, the best player the world has ever seen. Bobby Charlton has even said in the last few years that you can forget Pele and Maradona, Edwards was better. I asked my grandad if he'd ever seen Edwards play and he said that he was amazed by him. He was just in awe of Edwards ability, the best player he'd ever seen. He said that Edwards could just pick the ball up and every single time, without fail, he would do something special. I feel truely saddened when i think about the talent that was lost in Duncan Edwards, my grandad was clealy emotional when talking about him as well. Has anyone else heard anything about the legend that is Duncan Edwards?
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