are you like money

January 25, 2007 1:52pm CST
i like the money it is why i am here and you?
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• Canada
25 Jan 07
Well i am OK. With money as long as it has a purpose for me then well ya. But the only thing is that mylot doesn't really pay anyone for small one liners so it would be difficult because you gotta post long posts :S Anyways that's one of the reasons im here it is my main reason but secondary reason is that i love to socialize ^-^
@ljcapps (1926)
• United States
28 Jan 07
I am with Jellybeans on that one. i am mainly here to socailze. That and I have fun with it. The money is what first drew me to mylot, then I realized I am not going to be able to make a healthy sum of it, so now the money is more like a good side effect
• India
25 Jan 07
Everyone likes money and i do like having money..but then i cant say am crazy or mad about it..And am not here just for the sake of money ,but then i feel great when am paid for my postings in mylot:)everyone likes to have some kind of appreciation for what they do:)am happy that am earning for my valuable postings here:)