Dog Shedding

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January 25, 2007 2:13pm CST
What is the best way to keep your dog from shedding all over your carpet. I have a black lab and he sheds all over the house. I brush him and feed him good but am unsure how to handle the problem.
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3 Feb 07
well have you ever heard of the tool furminator.. this is basically a 30 blade that is normally a sergical ( yeah spelled that wrong lol) blade.. it is hooked to a handle.. this tool basically you use it as a brush and do it for 30 min and only use it every 4 weeks.. it pulls the undercoat which your dog is shedding.. oh btw lol i am a groomer ;)
25 Jan 07
The only thing you can do to reduce the problem is to groom him at least twice a day. You can't stop a dog from moulting unfortunately, it would be nice if you could as my spaniel's fur gets everywhere!