mylot cheating us???

January 25, 2007 3:05pm CST
heyy ppl every1 works for 3 hours on an average and gets only 1/2 a dollar? is that enough?? dont mu think we deserve more?? this isnt fair on mylots part n should increase our rate of earning
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@patrice7 (1197)
• United States
25 Jan 07
well i think that we are lucky that mylot actually pays us for our responses.. no matter how small it is.. anyway i have heard and been told that the payment depends on the quality of our responses. also i have heard that you must follow the guidelines too in responding and posting discussions so that you can maxmize your earnings.. i hope that you will be patient though. goodluck to you and to us!.i just wish that mylot would increase though. well dnt you?.
• India
25 Jan 07
yaaa will try hard n post quality ones
@missytia (387)
• Australia
25 Jan 07
Are you serious??? No, I don't think we deserve more from mylot. This is a messageboard where people can come and get answers to their questions and converse with others around the world. This is not work! and if you think that sitting in front of a computer on mylot for 3 hours a day work, then you are horribly mistaken. You need to get off your butt and get a real job.....that's work!
@rein2410 (809)
• Australia
25 Jan 07
well, I guess if you post 90 and get only 1/2 dollar. thats something wrong with your post. Do you actually post a good LONG answer with QUALITY in it. IF you just blabbering and has not quality in your answer or repetitive, then you dont get paid so much. Sometimes I posted only 40 and I actually get $1. so yea, the problem of people here usually they post 1 line answer thinking they will still be count the same. NO.. not here and by the way, to be polite here, you should answer question the best you can the more detail the better. Keep posting and in not time you will have more money :)
@srhelmer (6934)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
25 Jan 07
They are paying you to sit in front of your computer and have a conversation. I think the pay is more than fair. Most other sites like this have a maximum amount of times you can post each day (usually 50) and are a lot stricter on the number of words per post.