Twin Winton Goose Cookie Jar

United States
January 25, 2007 3:29pm CST
I have a cookie jar, Goose which stands approximately 14 '' tall, it is of Grayish colors highlighted with black & dark gray colors. It has 4- five petaled flowers painted in white on the front. The wings on the side are trimmed in white. It is wearing a bonnet tied under the chin. Wearing a dress, with a lined front & aruffle on each side of the top. There is a collar. Big black eyes looking upward & has a pair Of white colored spectacles on the nose part of the peak. It is definitely identified as a Twin Winton, made in Calif. USA with 1962 & a circle wiyh aC enclose, however, I can't find her in any listings. She is in near mint condition with 2 tiny flea bites on the tip of the peak & 1 on the side of the skirt. The bottom of the cover shows some wear spots & has 2 very small chips. HAS ANYONE SEEN THIS COOKIE JAR?? I am trying to find it's worth. It was my Mom's. Please help me out here, anyone.
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