Gimme back my government!!

United States
January 25, 2007 3:33pm CST
People!! We have lost control of our congressional representatives. They are making decisions and doing things in the name of "What the people want", yet I don't recall anyone talking to me about any of it. On the contrary they seem to be avoiding me altogether. Usually, just before mid-term elections they come around and go door to door (small town) and let me know what they stand for. This past year they didn't do that. So I wrote each one of our state representatives and let them know that I had some concerns. Well guess what! They all responded. In fact all of the answers were pretty much the same except for-the signature and the fact that they didn't even mention the subject of my letter. What do you think? Are we being properly represented? I think some of the major issues are Iraq, Taxes, Health care and the fact that our representatives get a much better retirement package than we do just for serving four years. They even keep the retirement package if the get kicked out or resign. They also take time off for football games! IS that what we should expect from the people who are deciding major issue concerning our well being?
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@mac1946 (1602)
• Calgary, Alberta
25 Jan 07
Believe me,you are not alone,I am in Canada,and we are just as bad,we are being told what we want even when we don't. the unfortunate thing about it is that everyone that is able to run for office now are the very rich,or lawyers,the rich don't care for anything but getting richer,and we all know,that there is no such thing as an honest lawyer.we can have all the parties we like,but it will make no difference as they are all crooks to begin with all we can hope for is that the one we do pick is the least crooked of the lot.