do they not love me no longer?

@hakula (15)
January 25, 2007 8:04pm CST
sinece i have a boy freind,my life was in disorder.i fall in love with him deeply while we are being in different city,at this time i worked in A city ,but he was in B.we only can chat on the telephone,but both of us miss each other so much. To be together with his i quit my job which can pay me a high salary, and went to his city.but in this city, there is not a suitable job for me ,i cannot find a proper one,at last i got one ,of course ,which the pay is much lower.and soon my family knows, but they disapprove of my plan,they hope that i can go back to A city and find a job with high salary.but i realy want to be together with my boy freind. so i argue with my mother, i expected that she could know me,but she didnot,and said i let her down so much then she slam the phone,and didnot call me since this matter happened.i really don't know what to they still love me or not?
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