Getting Married

January 25, 2007 8:34pm CST
Will you marry me? that's the greatest line that really sucks my attention when my hubby told me. surprisingly, the thought of getting married have come up my wildest mind and I couldnt imagine that I will be walking down the aisle one day until I replied my hubby a big big " yes I will". When I get home, I started to feel excited about it and thinking ahead of the things that may come up next. By then, when time passes by, I am getting nervous and feel tense about the wedding preparations and everything. But you know what, the greatest feeling I had then, is a big question mark of being a bride and a wife after. Can I make it? Am I ready enough to face the responsibility after the wedding? Am I ready to know that is the real meaning of maariage after all. Or am I just excited of the wedding preps or the thought of getting married? It was a mixed emotions, excited, tension, fear and even stressful. But you know what, I just realize something after I have prayed. Getting married is the most essential gift that God prepared for us. A special gift that Love grows day by day by being together. That God prepared our hearts and mind to be one and to serve him more and to love him more as well. I believe that getting married is a very sacred thing and decision and we must obey God's will for each one of us, I know that he desig Marriage to each one of us, to give love, to receive love more than what we could give and most especially is to share our love to our loved- one. Successful Marriage or fail marriage is a choice..Either you give in or you give up but as long as you put God in the center of your relationship, there will be no turning backs after all. He will give all the desires of your heart. and all the things you want in your life. So are you ready to get married?
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