Is personality genetic or a product of your enviroment?

United States
January 25, 2007 8:48pm CST
I was never quite sure why I had certain likes or tendencies. I thought personality was due, in great part, to your enviroment. Now, I believe genetics has more influence, that you are predisposed to certain personality traits. My evidence is this. . . I grew up in a family that favored Fords, I happen to like Chevys. I grew up having an intuition about cars and tools, my dad does not even know what a philips head screwdriver is and my mom can barely jump her car. My dad watches baseball and football, I prefer Nascar. I am outspoken and stubborn, my mother is shy and my dad is a negotiator. Obviously my enviroment did not determine my personality. Well Dad is not my biological father, but he is the only father I have ever known. The man who provided the sperm of my being still lives in the same town where I grew up. I have learned certain things about him in recent years, like the fact he had a personalized license plate that says "Big Blue" and that he happens to drive a Monte Carlo, a car which I long ago stated I wanted as a family car. Well, I was driving around one day and saw a big blue Silverado with that license plate. ( I happen to drive a black Silverado) The back windshield was covered with stickers. Earnhardt Stickers, Trucker Chick stickers, patriotic stickers. . .all of which were almost identical to mine. It was my truck, only blue. My mother was with me at the time, and I said to her, "Didn't Bueltel (the sperm donor's last name) have a plate that said 'big blue'?" My mother says to me, "Yeah, why?" and I pointed to the blue Silverado. She looked at the driver and laughs. It was my biological father!! I am 23 years old and that is the closest thing to contact with him that I have had in 21 years. So tell me, is personality enviromental or genetic?
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@Lunerian (493)
• Sweden
30 Jan 07
Well I say that is not evidence, still your enviroment could certainly have affected you that way, maybe by scaring you away from these things.
• United States
30 Jan 07
Away from what things?