GGGRRR! So aggravated with a buyer on ebay!!

United States
January 25, 2007 10:13pm CST
I sell on ebay ALOT! I just sold a Makita Impact Wrench and it was paid for on the 11th and I sent it off on the 18th. Now, I realize that it was 7 days AFTER payment was paid, but I am in Texas and we had a lot of bad weather that week and I just didn't get to the Post Office until the 18th! I had it all packaged and ready since the 13th, tho. Anyhow, yesterday, the buyer asked me where the package was and I explained to him what had happened. They asked me to track it for them. They emailed me twice yesterday, but I never got a chance to look up the info on the computer because I was busy with my 2 small kids, cleaning, and getting ready for my son's birthday today. Anyhow, today I was gone from about 1030am until 930pm and when I get home and check my email, I get 2 nasty emails from this moron! One threatening me with action because I never responded--like I sit at the computer every single second of the day! And, the other one threatened me because I have another one of these wrenchs that I have back on ebay and they are telling me I am a cheat and am reselling HIS wrench!!! OOOHHH!!! you know, I realize I was a week late, but to accuse me of cheating and lying and ignoring!!! I am just so mad! I emailed him back telling him where the package was according to the tracking number and got another nasty email saying he will just contact paypal! LOL I am not happy! I just hate so much when people accuse me of cheating esp when I am doing the absolute best I could have done!!
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@xXmeganxX (4422)
26 Jan 07
just ignore the buyer, he is probably in a bad mood, just explain that you didn't have time to take it to the post office and send it to him/her early!
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• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
3 Feb 07
well just ignore that seller... i have had a situation similair to yours on ebay.. when i bout a psp for 249.99 and i didnt even get it.. i didnt send the payment via money order.. i did it with my dads credit card.. and that was the middle of lasy tear and i still havent got it well i kept the item number and i reported that sucker to ebay and they kicked him off the site.. the bad thing is i aint got my money back.. and i didnt get the psp... so.... yes.... i am pissed as hell but i think im over that now.. lol
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3 Feb 07
if you paid thru paypal, you could have reported it to them and they might could have gotten your money back. I am so sorry about this seller. It's people like this who make it hard for anyone to trust the good sellers out there. I buy AND sell on ebay and I refuse to buy anything expensive on there unless I have bought from that seller before. I am just too scared to lose a large amt of money.