Riding an elevator with one other person

A blissfully empty elevator - This is how I like to find them. Ahhh, sweet solitude.
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January 25, 2007 10:48pm CST
Don't you hate riding an elevator with one other person? Several people is OK, and alone is fine, but when it's just you and one other person...*awkward!* I usually don't say anything unless they do. I try to look busy if I have papers in my hand or something. Or I fiddle with my phone or whatever. If I have nothing, I stare at the numbers as they light up. Particularly weird for me is that I have a class on the third floor and I always take the elevator down because I have a zillion books in my backpack. Well, at the time this class gets out the janitor is ALWAYS on the elevator. I've tried to stop off at the restroom first or hang back for a few minutes, but he's always there. So it's the same person every day. I guess I'm just too shy to break that uncomfortable silence, but I don't want him to think I'm rude either, just ignoring him every day. And then I feel really stupid for going to such lengths just to avoid riding the elevator with someone.
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26 Jan 07
I definitely think those situations are weird because with two people, you feel more obligated to make small talk, and some people just aren't comfortable with small talk. With larger groups of people, you normally don't feel the need to begin conversations because everyone seems to be doing something important.
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